ZeroHarm.App is set to launch a new wave of continual innovation in 2019.

The development team at ZeroHarm.App are excited about the upcoming launch of a new website portal & a multitude of application updates which are being rolled out progressively throughout 2019.

New website

The first release will be a completely new production website incorporating the best of & as well as providing access directly to the world’s fastest-growing Ag & Trade health & safety app itself.

The site will be built on a totally new platform which incorporates both the web application, help desk and static web pages to provide a leading edge experience for all current & prospective subscribers. The new website will enable customers to not only create a FREE user account but also contains links to all the features & benefits of the ZeroHarm.App, all in one convenient location.

Zero Harm Insurance

It will also act as a portal for FREE insurance quotes provided by Insure247 our new brokerage partner 

For all subscribers who take on an insurance policy delivered by the experienced Insure 247 team the ZeroHarm.App platform will be bundled in, absolutely FREE of charge.

This will save most Ag or Trade businesses annually a minimum of $585 in compliance & insurance costs!

The award-winning application itself will see continued exciting feature enhancements such as:

  • Increased functionality around incident reports
  • The addition of new organisational & permission levels
  • The incorporation of insurance quoting & claims processes with direct links to the subscriber’s insurance broker team
  • New notification & warning processes to improve the more efficient¬†transfer of information across stakeholders

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