Zero Harm Farm just got even better!

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has been using the system in the last month. Zero Harm Farm continues to gain traction with new farmers and contractors joining daily. Your input has been profoundly important to us as we continue to develop and shape the product to cater for your requirements.


With the aid of your advice we are proud to release a new, improved version of Zero Harm Farm. The new version contains a fresh new dashboard to provide farmers a clear representation of what is happening on their farm. This includes a live induction module which shows you who is currently inducted onto your farm and a history log of recent inductions. Furthermore the dashboard provides an easier way to visualize your temporary hazards and hazard register.


We have also improved the induction system, which provides visitors a more user friendly and concise induction experience which not only performs better but speeds the induction process up.


Speed and efficiency tweaks have also been migrated into the farm setup process, ensuring that farms can setup and publish their accounts more efficiently than ever before.


Other developmental improvements include fixing a number of bugs and issues, which have improved the reliability and experience of the system and the website as a whole.


Although we have introduced many improvements, Zero Harm Farm still is continuing to build on the optimum Health and Safety platform for farmers and we have a lot of new and exciting improvements already in the works. We really appreciate your assistance on the development and encourage you to let us know of anything you would like integrated – you after all, are who we are building for.


We are really happy with the current product and hope you are enjoying it equally, we look forward to sharing future and exciting developments to help make Farms a safer place.


Should you would like any assistance on getting going you can check out our farm setup guide or contact us directly via email or phone.


If you would like to send us feedback we would really appreciate it


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