Worksafe – A way of thinking

As many of you may be aware, identifying farm hazards is an important step for farm safety. However equally as important is to create a record of good health and safety practices. Worksafe are looking for a farmer who has an active management plan in place, one who’s done their homework and continues to actively show that they are trying to make their farm as safe as possible and it isn’t a one time thing which occurred on that idle Tuesday afternoon. Did a minor incident occur and can you show that you have made improvements on how to reduce the risk of this happening in the future? Are you actively informing visitors of your temporary hazards? Keeping a log of such activities shows that you are health and safety savvy.

In the latest press-release from worksafe they make an important statement

“Farmers should make sure that they’re not simply going to get a folder or piles of forms someone else has done for them. That won’t make their farm any safer. What they actually need is a way of building a health and safety culture into farm activities and constructing a really effective culture of involving everyone.”

Here at Zero Harm Farm, we think this is very relevant. Worksafe are seeking a cultural shift and simply having paperwork stored in your draw done by someone else is not going to resolve the problem. Farmers need to actively get involved, think about the hazards and take relevant action to prevent future incidents from occurring. Having a system in place to inform everyone easily and collect feedback on such incidents if really the ultimate solution for getting yourself health and safety mind-set.

You can read the full Worksafe press release here.

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