With over 50% of all on-farm serious incidents or deaths linked to vehicle accidents here are the top seven must-do tips to keep your farm property safe in 2019.

Looking across the ZeroHarm.App platform at what the leading farm managers relay to staff and visitors there are seven messages we believe to be the most important around safe vehicle use.

  • Our operators have received training on every vehicle they use Before they get out or off a vehicle they follow the simple
    safe stop routine:
    Handbrake on
    – Gears in neutral
    – Engine switched off and the key removed
  • We follow the safe stop routine if someone approaches our vehicle
  • Our drivers always turn uphill when working across a slope and descend straight down the gentlest gradient
  • We keep our doors closed when driving and wear our seatbelts
  • We check to ensure loads are stable, secure and within relevant weight limits
  • Reversing is avoided wherever possible
  • Our drivers only take a passenger if they are over 13 and sat
    on a passenger seat

If you’re looking for a simple, mobile and paperless way to communicate this kind of vital health & Safety information on your farm or worksite, try ZeroHarm.App for FREE. Click Here

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