Recent Prosecution Highlights Benefits of Reg-tech Platform

Recently Worksafe New Zealand issued a public warning to businesses servicing vehicles after a Gore farm machinery firm was fined $239,000.

Agricentre South Ltd was fined in the Gore District Court after it was found the company’s lack of effective repairs to a tractor resulted in injury to a farm worker in 2016.

Brakes on a tractor serviced & supplied by the business failed & resulted in a worker being run over.

Worksafe head of specialist interventions Simon Humphries said it was important businesses servicing vehicles ensured diligent workmanship &d practices to prevent injuries to users.

WorkSafe’s investigation found Agricentre South had failed to ensure that the tractor’s repair history was communicated between staff, that the tractor had fully operational brakes, &d that wires for the warning lights were reconnected & working after the brakes were repaired*.

This business could have directly benefited from using the world first approach of bundled services from Zero Harm with its comprehensive Zero Harm safety application combined with professional brokered liability insurance solutions from Insure 247 to ensure the disastrous human outcome of a tragic incident like this might be greatly reduced & the fiscally resulting strain on any business is curbed.

First, the award winning Zero Harm application provides proven cloud based systems for the recording of staff training in correct procedure & highlighting process risk to those people delivering trade or service oriented solutions.

  • This would have provided the business concerned with proof of systems & safety culture, which would have added to its legal defense & may have been taken into account in regards to reducing the final  $239,000 fine imposed.
  • It may well have also provided the necessary checks & balances to ensure this terrible incident never happened through a best practice approach to safety within the business operation itself.

Secondly, as a bonus ZeroHarm.App is offered for free if a business purchases a comparatively quoted liability insurance product from the experienced broker team at Insure 247.

Working alongside Zero Harm, Insure 247’s broker team shops the entire New Zealand insurance market to deliver:

  • a competitive quote from no fewer than five (more likely ten) individual New Zealand based insurers.
  • Insure 247 only use world leading insurance providers like NZI, Ando, AIG, QBE & Zurich.
  • The customer not only receives the best insurance premium rates possible but also a range of policies worded by the Steadfast Group which in many cases contain more inclusions than other locally based budget insurers.
  • Lastly, because Insure 247 offer a complete broker service they will be fighting in the customers corner to ensure any claim is processed quickly & fairly.

In the above case the defendant could have benefited from specialist public liability, employee & statutory insurance. This could have covered reparations in this particular prosecution of $103,459 made to the victim & undisclosed legal defence & investigation costs, which generally run into the 100’s of thousands of dollars. The average estimated cost of Liability Insurance for this service industry is just $1,254 per annum, as brokered through the Insure 247 team.

Innovations in the Reg-tech & Insurance world are now delivering powerful compliance platforms complemented by leading edge comparative liability insurance services with a overarching mission to make trade/ag businesses safer & related risk insurance premiums more precisely valued. Learn more

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