On the 1st of October, the new CoR laws come into force. Are you ready?

Amendments to the CoR laws in Australia are coming on October 1st 2018 will align the existing laws more closely with workplace health and safety provisions. This means that all parties in the chain, including primary producers, must reduce risks related to the safety of transport tasks.

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Currently, parties in the chain are usually held responsible only once a breach by a driver has been detected. Although the laws will change, they will still only apply to activities that a person or business has responsibility for and could influence. In other words, no one will be liable for breaches they cannot control.

As a primary producer, any time you send or receive goods using a heavy vehicle with a gross vehicle mass of more than 4.5 tonnes — regardless of whether the vehicle is yours or someone else’s — you become part of the supply chain. You therefore
have a shared safety management responsibility to prevent breaches of the law.

Some relevant areas of responsibility for you as a primary producer may include:

• Avoid requests, instructions, requirements or demands that may influence the driver to speed or drive while fatigued — whether written in a contract or made verbally.
• Ensure stock or loads are ready to load on time so that a driver is not unduly delayed and pressured to speed or exceed fatigue hours.
• Ensure safe access, while on your property, for the heavy vehicles and advise drivers of any relevant local knowledge. (this can be handled by www.zeroharmfarm.com)
• Ensure you consult with your transporter and other parties in the chain when setting timeframes for pick up and delivery

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