Last week our busy development team released Zero Harm’s new Private Site Functionality

Private Sites:

Managers can now set their individual worksites to private, invite-only locations. This update allows for you as a manager to choose specifically who you want to have access to the site you’re in charge of.

The default setting for all sites is public. You can change your worksite from public to private via the settings tab in the site side menu.

Site Profile Updates:

As well as the new private site update we have introduced a multitude of user interface improvements at a site profile level to make it even easier for workers and contractors to induct, sign in and share vital health and safety information.

There is nothing for you to do, these new features and workflows will load automatically next time your team sign into Zero Harm.


Have You Made The Right Choice?

We know there are a lot of options out there touting to improve the efficiency of safety processes and well being of your team. So first off, we’re incredibly grateful for your custom.

So have you made the right choice? It may comfort you to know that you’re not the only one who thinks the Zero Harm application is the best way to manage risk on farm or across any worksite!

On April the 9th we were invested in by Australasia’s largest Agtech Venture Capital group, Sproutx.

Their commitment to our vision will allow us to continue to fast-track new features and workflows to you, our loyal customers. So thanks for giving us your trust and being an early adopter!

Sproutx – Australasia’s largest Agtech Venture Capital fund

Yes, you’ve made the right choice!

Kind regards,
The Zero Harm Team.

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