New Paperless Training Functionality is now available

Zero Harm Farm would like to proudly introduce the new training module. The new module allows farmers to assign employees directly to their farm, once these employees have been added, the farm manger or owner can then assign training to each individual employee.

For the first time Farmers and Employees can directly interact with each other and a log of all of their actions directly into our secure cloud so you don’t have to worry about keeping all of those paper records! Pretty neat eh?

Not only is this a useful feature for farmers but it begins to cement Zero Harm Farm as one of the leading Paperless Health and Safety farming solutions. The new updates conform with ACC standards, with the aim to make collecting your 10% ACC levy even easier!

The new features can be accessed by logging into your farm, we have revamped the “People” section which now includes adding employees alongside Mangers and Owners. Training Subjects now allows you to add different types of training and the “Training” area now allows you to assign employees to training and marry everything together.

If you would like to find out more about how to use the Training areas within your Zero Harm Farm system, please check the video at the bottom of the page which will explain what each area is and how you can start using it today.

If you would like to get your ACC 10% levy in full swing, why not contact us and let us know your IRD and ACC numbers and we can begin to initiate this process for you and get back to you with a phone call.

We hope you enjoy using your new training module. For any questions or help regarding this please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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