How to Make Your Health and Safety System a Productivity Tool.

We’ve recently revamped out FAQ section which focuses your questions, it’s a great place to learn or remind yourself on areas of the Zero Harm Farm application, as you know Zero Harm Farm has brought out a tonne of new features since it’s initial release so if your in the mood for a slight refresher then why not check out some of the new features, take a look at it here

There are also a number of useful features which we implemented which can make contractors lives a lot easier and more productive.

From out of the region or never been to the farm you’re heading? No need to ask “the boss” for directions because with the Zero Harm Farm application contractors can simultaneously review a farms hazards and get directions to the farm entrance.

This can be a powerful tool and save you tonnes of hassle, what is even better is that contractors don’t have to hunt down the sign in book each time they visit. This can be a real drain on productivity and burden on the contractors.

And we think any farmers paying their contractors by the hour will agree that time truly is money!.

Contractors can log into Zero Harm Farm and make the sign in and head directly to their destination. No more scurrying around making it more efficient for everyone, check out our video below

Stay Safe out there.


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