Free onsite visits coming to your farm


With the continuing growth of Zero Harm Farm, we are pleased to announce a new service which will be launched later this week for free.

Zero Harm Farm will be providing a free site visit to all farms registered on our system. These site visits are aimed to provide friendly assistance about health and safety while providing useful advice on becoming more compliant with the new legislation.


We understand everyone has questions regarding health and safety and we believe a free onsite visit is the best way to help you. We can help answer any questions you have regarding; farm signage, hazard identification, legal, and any queries you have regarding the Zero Harm Farm app. If you haven’t quite got your farm published and approved we can sit down and work our magic to get you live also!

It’s an exciting time to be apart of Zero Harm Farm and we’re glad you are a part of the family. Farm Safety has always been strong in our hearts and we would like to thank you again for all of the feedback and support that you have provided us over the last few months, we have recently used your advice to redesign and improve the website as a whole, with a new website redesign being released earlier this week. Your feedback has also resulted in new application versions being developed, which aims to further refine your experience. We expect to release these in the very near future – so stay tuned!

We look forward to visiting you in the upcoming weeks, our friendly driver Tom will call you when he’s in your area and we hope to find a mutual time so we can pop round and say hi, maybe even over a cup of tea!

We look forward to meeting you all.

Stay safe,
Zero Harm Farm

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