If you’re a contractor, you can register and begin inducting into farms and work-sites within a couple of minutes. Simply visit app.zeroharmfarm.com and create your account.

If you’re a farmer or work-site manager, you will need to create your Farm/site and add your safety policy, Hazard Register, Hazard Map, emergency plans and Hazardous Substances before you can get published. We have automated much of the process to save you time. We also offer a free site visit or remote connection to your computer. The whole process can take around an hour but you are encouraged to customize your farm or work-site as much as possible.

Check out our tutorial video on this here

Yes, all farmers or work-site managers get a 30 day free, no obligation trial – if you find the system is not suited to you your account will be suspended. Zero Harm Farm will always contact you prior to any suspension of your services, including the free trial. All contractors and visitors can register and use the system for free.

Yes, Zero Harm Farm will require a google account to create a farm or worksite. We use intuitive google mapping for map creation and this will be needed to share the map with you. If you do not have a google account you can create one quickly and easily here, you can even assign your current email address to it.

Check out our tutorial video here

We always recommend contacting your contractors directly, be that via email or phone as this allows everyone to be aware of your system and it can help minimize any confusion. Contractors simply need to create an account at app.zeroharmfarm.com and search for your farm or work-site so they can sign in or complete an induction.

No, Zero Harm Farm has decided not to release in app form in order to maintain a universal experience across mobile and desktop, it also allows us to provide you with faster updates and support. You can however create a bookmark by visiting app.zeroharmfarm.com on your mobile and placing it on your mobile desktop. More on how to get the icon can be found by watching this video

If you’re a farmer, Zero Harm Farm will automatically populate your hazards list depending on your agriculture type to save yourself time. Navigating to the Hazard Register also allows you to add more Hazards, while your Hazard map is the best way to identify a serious harm hazard and all hazards can be identified by markers. Use our templates to create a complete Hazard Register in under 5 minutes.

If you’re a work-site manager you can even create your own custom hazards, check out our tutorial here

No, Zero Harm Farm can be used from a desktop computer or mobile phone. If you have no reception on your farm or work-site a contractor can induct before they arrive. You simply need a internet connection to sign in or induct

No, Zero Harm Farm works just like browsing the web and Zero Harm Farm has not been designed to be constantly on.

Zero Harm Farm works on all android, iOS and desktop computers. We are powered through a normal internet browser so there are no compatibility issues with devices.

Yes, Zero Harm Farm allows you to assign as many Managers or Owners to your farm or work-site as required, you can provide many sharing privileges to help you assist with the management of your work-site.

Check out our tutorial on assigning mangers or owners

Yes, Zero Harm Farm allows you to create training and assign it to your employees. All employees will require their own Zero Harm Farm account.

Check out our tutorial on how to create training

Yes, Zero Harm Farm requires account creation from all users. If you are a Farm/work-place Owner, Manager, Employee or Contractor you can create an account at app.zeroharmfarm.com. This is required as account creation is used to identify the users and to prove who is being inducted, or trained.

Check out how to do this here

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