Bio-security in New Zealand & Australia guards against threats to agriculture & biodiversity with strict border control measures being taken to prevent unwanted organisms from entering the country.

Protecting the country. Reducing risks. Bio-security’s focus is on stopping pests & diseases at the border, before they get to New Zealand or Australia, & eradicating or managing the impact of those already here. With the help of more scale-able digital systems farmers can ensure our unique environments & the value of our primary industries are maintained.

But do you really need a separate “system” to manage this commitment?

With a platform such as ZeroHarm.App you can collect both Health & Safety at Work Act compliance data & the coming & goings of stock/produce by visitors to your farm or workplace all within the same application.

That’s the beauty of ZeroHarm.App as it focuses on the management of visitors & contractors, not just employees.

Vineyard manager Han Loder of Penley Estate (Coonawarra, SA) forwarded us this very useful example of how they manage both OH&S requirements & bio-security all from the simple, mobile & paperless ZeroHarm.App platform. Han’s & the Penley team just combine this Bio-Security Risk & Administration detail into their visitor induction processes. This ensure all visitors are both up to speed with the onsite hazards & aware of the bio-security protocols they enforce. All down online & pre-arrival on-site via ZeroHarm.App’s internal invite system.

Here’s the statement there utilise:

Farm Gate Hygiene
Welcome to Penley Estate, we’re happy to welcome you, but are you potentially carrying visitors with you who aren’t so welcome?!
Keeping South Australian vineyards free from phylloxera & other pest threats has never been more challenging & so we ask you take a second to consider the following:

  • Have you come from interstate or further afield? Did you require dis-infestation & inspection of your equipment at the border?
    Please have all paperwork ready for our inspection, as we want to see it too!
  • have you or your equipment recently been in a PIZ or PRZ?
    If unsure check:
    Please be prepared to provide details of where you & your equipment’s been in the last three weeks.
  • where have you & the clothes you’re wearing (including hat or cap) been prior to arriving? Items such as shoes & clothing can
    inadvertently pick up pests, diseases & weeds. Please ensure they have been washed in hot water, dried in a dryer & footwear
    disinfested by submersion in 2% sodium hypochlorite solution (bleach) for 60 seconds prior to entering the property.
  • Are you driving a car or piece of equipment? We’d appreciate if you follow a “clean in – clean out” practice & disinfest all items
    prior to entering the property. At completion of work, use our facilities to clean your equipment prior to departure (this includes small
    hand tools & technical equipment). If there’s no need for your vehicle, ask whether you can use one of Penley’s to move around
    the property.
  • At all times we appreciate if you follow any instructions & only walk down vine rows once given approval.

Penley Estate takes Farm Gate Hygiene & bio-security seriously. The long term future of our vineyards along with our livelihoods depend on your cooperation!

The bullet points become the administrative controls & the introduction the Hazard/Risk detail itself. The great thing about the is it can create custom hazards on the fly or you can use our own helpful database of example risk/hazards to help you along the way.

And for our New Zealand based customers we also stock a range of German manufactured disinfection points for washing boots & PE pre entry.

You can try our combination OH&S & Bio-security system for FREE right now:Click here for a 30 day FREE trial.

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