Like everyone in New Zealand and around the globe, the Zero Harm team have been looking on with great concern at the rate of spread and the massive impact to both health and finances Covid 19 is having.

Zero Harm App is open for business:The Zero Harm App is open for business as usual to assist you in the safe management of your farm or business. Now more than ever the simple, mobile and paperless management of important H&S info can be delivered via the Zero Harm application.

Creating new temporary hazards for your COVID 19 processes:

Zero Harm offers the ability to create Temporary Hazards which will appear anytime a visitor attempts to sign on to your work site. A practical message such as stating the work site is now closed or highlighting the following of new Covid 19 processes will ensure people are aware of what the must do to comply in this new working environment.

Example wording ” Kia ora, your business has an active pandemic plan to manage disruption due to COVID-19. For more information please contact the your business Health and Safety Adviser on cell number Ngaa mihi”

Create temporary hazard to display latest Covid 19 processes at sign in

Update Health & Safety Policy:

Site managers can also update their Health and Safety Policy to ensure all visitors who are newly inducted (or reinducted after the change is made) are aware of the current state of play in regards to access and your Covid 19 procedures.

Example wording ” Covid 19 Policy: Our business is now following new Covid 19 procedures as required by the current level 4 restrictions. Please refer to the new hazard assessment and follow all instructions from our management team.”

Add new hazard to the hazard register:

By adding a new hazard to the register all visitors to your site will be automatically requested to reinducted and this new information will be displayed to them.

Example wording:

Add a new Hazard/Risk to your hazard register such as the above example so visitors will be aware of new procedures.

Please, stay safe and stay at home if you’re not involved in an essential business.

If we can help in anyway call us on 0800 005 345 or email

The Zero Harm Team.

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