Media Release: 20th February 2019

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That’s the end game for ZeroHarm.App, the world’s fastest-growing ag health & safety compliance app having just teamed up with Insure 247 an Australasian insurtech leader to become the first-ever OH&S risk management platform offering bundled insurance benefits to its customers.

Over the last three years, the original Zero Harm Farm start-up has expanded to 900 created worksite & 6,000 active users across New Zealand & Australia . The company already had a history of offering insurance rebate opportunities through its automating the application process of the local national WorkCover provider ACC.

Team up with Insure 247

The business is now moving into a position to team up with Insure 247, one of Australasia’s fastest expanding general insurance brokers, where it will offer its existing software as a free service for any customer choosing to purchase any general or liability insurance policy brokered by the Insure247 team.

Zero Harm Farm, the original brand, has now morphed into ZeroHarm.App & extended its award-winning Ag focused software to a broader channel of customers including those in the residential building & home maintenance trades.

Co-founder of ZeroHarm.App Mark Orr says “we’re of the opinion progressive workplace managers in agriculture & the building trades who have a real drive for introducing quality OH&S systems deserve to be financially rewarded.”

New way to calculate premiums

Traditionally farm or trade insurance premiums are calculated via macro-empirical claims data, painting all businesses with the same generalised health & safety “risk” brush.

ZeroHarm.App offers the possibility of leading safety system data & aims to help all its subscribers benefit from “proof of safety culture”.

Insure 247 Managing Director Steve Sloan commented, “Until now no one had really considered the close synergies of how the way in which a business manages workplace risk could actually lead to a lower claims risk in the insurance industry as a whole”.

Lower claims risk

Both respective entrepreneurs are confident about the relationship between Insure 247 & ZeroHarm.App will statistically assist in supporting the logical premise that business owners & managers who take safety seriously are more likely to be well left on the costly claims bell curve.

The combination software & insurance bundled service is being rolled out today in New Zealand, with an eye for an Australian expansion expected later this year.

The award-winning ZeroHarm.App platform is already available in New Zealand & Australia as software as a service.

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