Hi fellow contractors,

This one’s especially for you.

We appreciate signing in can be a painful experience, we’ve been there ourselves and sometimes finding the destination and locating the sign in book can waste significant time. If your lucky enough to have to induct using the Zero Harm Farm system you will find you can save yourself a tonne of time.

Simply log into the application at app.zeroharmfarm.com and find your workplace. Once selected Zero Harm Farm allows you to sign in and get directions to your destination. Once your logged in, simply open the map, highlight your point of interest and let google maps direct you there. We put together this quick tutorial on getting directions straight to todays farm.

Because signing in and the locating the farm is all under one roof, why no sign in and get the directions at the same time.

If you would like more information on getting the app on your phone, check out the appropriate links below.

Getting the App on your iOS device

Getting the App on your Android Device.



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