The world’s fastest growing farm safety app finds a new home in the skies above Wanaka, NZ.

Jess Griffin, Treble Cone Ski Area’s innovative Safety Officer, came to us with a challenge.

She wanted to set up an effective H&S management system to seamless provide both commercial paragliding operators and individual pilots visiting the region a means of easily communicating health and safety and access information in the most effective manner possible.

Treble Cone is a very popular summer destination for paragliding pilots from around the world. The main take-off point is located on the private access road of the Ski Area itself. The Treble Cone management team are very community oriented and want to maintain access for these visitors. They are however also profoundly safety orientated and needed a means of communicating H&S policies and site safety protocols to those looking to fly from this location.

As Treble Cone was already using the Zero Harm system for contractor management in the winter months Jess was familiar with the positive productivity and safety gains the platform offered.

But in Summer much of the TC management team are based off the mountain, 25k away in Wanaka, which poses a challenge for a business who is serious about communicating safety messages and wants to provide safety initiatives for all visitors, not just hired contractors and employees, but who are not physically onsite every day.

The use of Zero Harm has proven a terrific success in enabling the effective transfer of safety and general locational information between the commercial operations of Treble Cone, professional paragliding operators and visiting members of the paragliding community from around the world. The key direct benefits as a safety manager are:

  • The platform provides the means to have any pilot induct and sign in and out of the jump site 24/7
  • The site profile contains specific information about safe access routes, Google map locations, contact details of TC staff and local paragliding club members and daily hazard updates
  • Vital information about the site can be added or updated immediately, from anywhere in the world
  • The platform is collaborative with a means for all users to feed notifications back to the site managers, which include senior members of the local paragliding community, around safety, access or any general concerns
  • The manager dashboard shows who’s on-site at all times

The pilots themselves have provided a swag of positive feedback around how they greatly appreciate the ease of use and ability to clock out when they have safely left the area after a flight.

The Zero Harm application has proven incredibly useful in managing compliance requirements at 100’s of “unattended” or remote worksite. Whether it is a farm, ski area, forest park or contracted construction sites with no clear site boundary, the application has been specifically designed for innovative safety managers looking for solutions to better manage their H&S obligations and improve workflow for visitors using non-paper-based systems.

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