Or at least it used to be.

Two years ago Carolyn Bennett (the Health and Safety head honcho elect) from Young Farmers and the team at Zero Harm got around the table to see it these quintessential farming events of New Zealand could be released from the burden of paper, clipboards and cross-referencing hassle from years gone by.

With 9 regional events spread across every square inch of beautiful Aotearoa the process used to involve inducting competitors, contractors and volunteers onsite which produced long queues, mountains of paper and plenty of frustration.

These days the recording and sharing of vital health and safety information within the Young Farmer organisation is simple, paperless and completely mobile via the Zero Harm application.

Event sites are created via each of the regional committees and the information is shared digitally with all participants. Inductions are recorded via any PC, tablet or smart device. The software allows for managers to plan, share and then “do”, with a minimum of fuss.

This is what Carolyn said after the first year:

“We have recently started using ZHF for our contest events to manage hazards and site inductions. This system has reduced our paper by 80% and makes it much easier to manage for our staff and volunteers alike. This has allowed us to increase our internal productivity and not take up so much of our volunteers time”

On average over 55 inductions are completed at each event – in the past, this had taken between 5 – 15 minutes per individual to complete. That’s around 4.58 hours per event of volunteer time (via the best case 5-minute scenario) in organising this compliance paper shuffle.

The productivity gains are significant and now more time is spent verbally delivering safety messages rather than collecting sheets of paper from distracted participants.

For those running a country fundraiser – Zero Harm is free to use to plan and share your safety policies

If you’d like to learn more about how Zero Harm became the digital health and safety compliance tool of choice for New Zealand Young Farmers drop us a line at info@zeroharm.co.nz or call us on 0800 005 345

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