Later this week we’re launching the ability for PCBU’s to create construction, office and general worksites within the Zero Harm app. We’re changing the URL of the application to and have added a second website; Zero Harm Site. For existing customers, here’s what you’ll have to update…

Nothing, for everyone using Zero Harm Farm to manage their property’s H&S, it will be business as usual.

No downloads, no updates – the application will just continue to work as normal with but these additional features added. All links will be redirected to ensure a no-fuss transition.

There will be some changes in how the application looks, you’ll notice references to farming will only be included when a site specifically is related to agriculture. And that’s what’s so cool!

From next week we’ll have enabled New Zealand’s fastest growing rural health and safety app to become a simple, mobile and paperless solution for all kiwi businesses, not just available for those lucky few in the Agriculture sector. 🙂

So, if you’re managing a construction site, office or contracting business, you’ll soon be able to create sites specifically for “your” worksite.

  • There’ll be pre-existing hazard templates which relate to your site type
  • All wording will refer to your own individual business and site type whether it’s farming, construction, office or some other type of worksite.

As always, it’ll be simple, mobile and paperless to use. As a development team, we’re very excited!

Beyond this, we have a plethora of new features and updates we’re working on. Here’s a taste;

  • Private worksites: Only visible to those employees and contractors you invite to as a manager. Due for release, March 2018
  • Updates to current Hazardous Substances functionality: More customisable options. Due for Release April 2018
  • Updates to current Emergency Contacts: More customisable options. Due for release April 2018
  • Sign-out reminder: Pushes reminders to employees and contractors to see if they’re still safe or have left a worksite. Due for release May 2018
  • Organisational level: above sites, we’re creating the ability to have an organisational level. This will be where managers can create separate internal workflows for a company. It will allow for the organisational structuring of employees and sites. Due for release later this year

And the list goes on…Thanks to all our customers for your continued support and feedback.

OK, so it’s back to work to get the latest version tested and live.


The Zero Harm Team.

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