Why is it that Agriculture on average only submits 4 to Construction’s 60 notifiable incident reports per month?

Considering agriculture is New Zealand’s (and the world’s) most dangerous industry you’d think the ratio would be completely the other way around, right?

Below are the graphs from Worksafe New Zealand in regards to this statistic for notifiable incidents across Construction and Agriculture. By law, all PCBU’s are required to report any serious near misses.  You know, those events which take your breath away but, thankfully, no one is injured or killed. (What is a notifiable incident?)

Stats from WorkSafe – average 60 notifiable incidents occurring in construction, to only 4 from Agriculture. Why such a massive discrepancy?

Is it because:

  • We still have a long way to go in Agriculture Safety Culture?
  • Ag leaders aren’t aware this is an H&S requirement?
  • Is the regulator too understaffed in rural areas to ensure the regular inspection which make this process front of mind?
  • Is it just “easier” to target urban PCBU’s – therefore those businesses are more conscious of their obligations because the regulator is “more on hand”?
  • Do construction and other industries take reporting health and safety more seriously than their Agriculture counterparts?

What do you think?

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