Keep Safe, Keep Farming new guide

Hello once again,

“Health and safety on the workplace is not solely the farmers responsibility, everyone needs to stand up and be responsible: health and safety does not happen without the boss and everyone jumping on the band wagon.”

Yes, you say to yourself, I’ve heard it all before – however farm safety is not all doom and gloom with mind-numbing, form filling activity. It can be made easy with todays technology and can allow your farm to grow into more productive workplace for everyone involved.

You can prevent many of the injuries and much of the ill-health that take people away from work by planning to manage risk. Each injury or illness means people can’t work, whether it’s for an hour, a day, or permanently. This impacts on the productivity of the farm and on your ability to enjoy the lifestyle offered by living on farm.

The new Worksafe Guide is out and provides new information on exactly what we have to do:

– Be able to show you are managing your work risks
– Identify and manage both health risks and safety risks to people in your workplace
– Monitor the health of your workers and workplace conditions to prevent illness and injury
– Include workers and family in planning to make the best use you’re your resources
– Train and supervise people who work on farm
– Make sure workers and family know how to mange risk too!
– Keep a record of notifiable events
– Have procedures for dealing with workplace emergencies
– Have safe and healthy facilities for workers
– Make sure machinery and systems are safe for workers to use
– Provide and make sure personal protective equipment is user where appropriate

For more details on the new Keep Safe, Keep farming working guide we urge you to download the full manual here

Have a great day and keep safe 🙂

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